After three and a half years, it's time to brighten up this website. I never really liked the funeral-service grey-on-black theme, since it was hard to read. (Anything other than black on white for text is a nuisance, so why indulge?) The previous banner image was chosen only on the basis of its shape, and was fuzzy in the first place; like a lot of other older images it originated from a scanned print. Also the subject was not one of my favourite pieces of furniture. It came from a period when I was beguiled by decorative inlays, but never really asked myself why, for example, legs really needed to have stringing lines of black ebony, inset with burl arbutus. Art-deco without the art. 
Prices needed adjusting; they haven't increased in three years, although some were too high anyway, notably the standing press, which is now a snip at $4000.00 (although it does have inlaid drawers). PayPal, although in all ways excellent, does charge a commission which until now I have simply ignored; wood has of course increased in price, as has brass.
More editorial work needs to be done; when I made this website, my impulse was to throw everything into it. A lot of the photographs were of pieces which I only somewhat liked, and in some cases quite disliked. Moreover the photographs themselves were sometimes wretched. These will be weeded out in the coming while.