Skittles and Beer

Spring, a week away, is almost here. The shop only occasionally really needs a fire in the stove, the door can be left open, although in the interminable rain the skylight still leaks and makes a small dark puddle on the floor. Daffodils are about to bloom in the tubs outside, the pond is full, and the tree-frogs are rehearsing for their spring concert: altogether a good time to be at work.

And work to do there is:  E. & Y.'s pair of bookshelves is finally well under way (more later), S.'s teak has been ordered  (at nearly 30.00 per board foot) for two bedside tables for her teak bed which have been gestating since 2010. Two days ago an apparently firm order arrived for another lying press as well as other tools - so that is encouraging. (The lying press I made and shipped before Christmas made it to New York, but not without some unwelcome attention en route from Homeland Security, causing some minor damage. Despite securing the top with well-marked Phillips head screws (no Robertsons S. of the border), one box appears to have been opened with a wrecking bar. I may be wrong though, and await photographs.)